Swarajya’s cover story for its April print edition delves into the global giant that is China.

Swarajya's April issue focuses on China's emergence in a world that is threatened by protectionist regimes, trade wars, and defiance of the liberal order. China, all set to surpass the United States as world's largest economy, has a story to tell. This month, we take a look at what makes China the next superpower and how the rise of this nation shackled in a blend of shallow democracy and visible autocracy means for India.

Here's what we have inside our April issue:

Jean-Marie Gescher, the author of Becoming China: The Story Behind the State, explains in the cover story how the Chinese view of the world and its place in it has been uniquely shaped by its thousands of years of history and philosophy.


Abhijnan Rej from ORF speaks about China’s growing naval force projection and how it has sparked an intense maritime contest in the Indo-Pacific, where traditional notions of spheres of influence are being challenged.

V Anantha Nageswaran breaks it down for us how, for decades now, China has single-mindedly and systematically used its currency as a geopolitical weapon to further its global ambitions.

Jaideep A Prabhu explains why the fundamental, unrecognised roadblock to India's improved relations with China is that Beijing does not see Delhi as an equal.


These are some of the articles published in our April issue. Inside, we have this and a lot more for you to read. This is an issue you cannot miss - please do subscribe here.

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