Kathai Kalai Parampariyam Walks: A Journey Through The Culture, Art, And History Of South India

Kathai Kalai Parampariyam Walks: A Journey Through The Culture, Art, And History Of South IndiaKathai Kalai Parampariyam Walks (Chennai)

Attention, Chennai readers! This is a one-of-a-kind heritage walk that you cannot miss.

About The Walk:

Join the Kathai, Kalai, Parampariyam Walks–a chance to journey through the culture, art, and history of South India and discover stories that have defined the region at VR Chennai.

The Walks, curated by Virtuous Retail, have been designed to take visitors of all age groups, through a narrative of the rich heritage and history of South India, all of which are showcased at VR Chennai. The Kathai Kalai Parampariyam Walks are being conducted by none other than a historian, V. Sriram and we invite you all to come experience each of our three unique narratives.

Walks’ Varieties:

1. Kathai walk explores the tales of the Dasavataram, the 10 traditional manifestations of Lord Vishnu. Modern interpretations of the Dasavataram are placed across the Centre. Enriching the installations are the oft-forgotten stories of the avatars themselves.

2. Kalai walk showcases the indigenous art and architecture of the region through multiple elements that have been incorporated in the contemporary design of the Centre including the soaring gopurams and their intricately carved bases, the pillared mandapams, and the various #bell installations at each of the four entrances, all an ode to traditional temple architecture with a contemporary and sometimes playful twist.

3. Parampariyam walk features a depiction of the traditions and history of this great city and the stories behind them, in the form of maps, motifs, coins and seals, all etched into stone and a not-to-miss hand-painted mural, which traces the historical and cultural legacy of Chennai, detailing the evolution of the city, from 250,000 B.C. through the Colonial Era till the present day.

Sounds interesting? More details here.

Date: 24th August, 2019

Time: 11:30am

Duration: 2 Hours

Limited seats available. Book your places now through this link.


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