Year Of Destiny

Nirmala Sitharaman has had a tough 2019 but 2020 can be the year of her glory

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  • Good To Great? 2020-21 Is Nirmala Sitharaman’s Year Of Destiny
  • The Next Union Budget Presents A Unique Opportunity To Go Full Throttle On Taxation Reforms
  • GST Is A Quintessential Indian Reform Story, We Will Fix It In Due Course
  • The Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi Contradiction – Aurangabad Municipal Election In 2020 Will Be The First Test For the Alliance
  • Why India Urgently Needs Fiscal-Monetary Coordination To Tackle The Economic Slowdown
  • Sterlite Plant Closure Has Made India A Net Importer Of Copper But Hasn’t Improved Thoothukudi’s Air Quality
  • Citizenship Bill: Why Assam Can’t Afford To Throw Out Hindu Migrants From Bangladesh Even If They’re Paperless
  • These Hindu Women From Pakistan Brave Hardships And Compel Families To Cross Over For ‘Sanatan’, Bharat and Dignity
  • Amit Shah Referred To This Country As “Brahmadesh” During The Historic Debate On CAB In The Lok Sabha
  • CAB Brings Closure To Some Persecuted Hindus From Pakistan. Their Fear For Folks  Who Could Not Escape It, Lives On 
  • Free From Stigma: What Changes For The Residents Of Delhi’s Unauthorised Colonies As Modi Government Regularises Them
  • ‘Hospital Ka Environment Bilkul Nahin Hona Chahiye’: How T S Rawat’s Administration Plans To Nest Expecting Mothers Of Hilly Districts Between Home And Delivery Facility
  • Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019: 20,000 Hindu Bangladeshi Refugees Celebrate 2000 Km Away From What Was Once Home
  • ‘We Are Happy That India Realised We Have No Other Option’: Persecuted Pakistani Hindus In Delhi Speak On CAB
  • To Be Regarded As The “Greatest Generation”, We Have To Lay The Platform For The Future – Part 2
  • Making Non-Personal Data Public Is An Idea Whose Time Has Come
  • This Ground-Breaking Paper Suggests That Single-Celled Organisms Can Also Make Decisions 
  • ‘The Hindu Way’, By Shashi Tharoor, Is A Perfect Example Of The Use Of Sophistry, To Peddle Bigotry