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Soon 8,000 New CBSE Schools In The Country After Board Clears Affiliation For Cases Dating Back To 2007

Swarajya StaffOct 19, 2018, 06:24 PM | Updated 06:24 PM IST

Representative image (Shreya Singh06/Wikipedia)

In a bid to improve access to quality education, the Central Board of School Education (CBSE) has approved over 8000 applications that asked for affiliation with the Board. Some of the approved applications were stuck in a limbo since 2007, reported Times Of India.

The latest move comes after the board revised its bye-laws. Now, the entire process for processing applications has been made paperless and the schools have to just submit two documents for approval. Also, the new guidelines state that every application has to be accepted or rejected within a year. Union Minister for Human Resource Development (HRD) Prakash Javadekar released the revised bye-laws on Thursday (18 October).

In addition to focusing on the academic record, co-scholastic qualities like focus on sports and teacher training will also be considered for granting affiliation. The bye-laws also provide for instances when schools could be disaffiliated, like indulging in exam malpractices.

In order to make the fee structure at schools transparent, they will now be required to fully disclose all financial details to the guardians of students and no hidden charges will be allowed to pass off as fees.

The Minister also stressed the importance of eliminating duplication of work, “For issuing recognition under the RTI Act and NOC (No Objection Certificate), the state education administration verifies various certificates to be obtained from local bodies, revenue department, cooperative department. The CBSE re-verifies them after applications are received. This is a very long drawn process.”

“Therefore, to prevent this duplication, schools will now be required to submit only two documents at the time of applying for affiliation, instead of 12-14 documents earlier”, he added.

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