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From Uttarakhand To Chinese Movie Stardom: Dev Raturi's Unique Journey

Swarajya StaffJul 26, 2023, 12:21 PM | Updated 12:21 PM IST
Dev Raturi (Pic Via YouTube Screengrab)

Dev Raturi (Pic Via YouTube Screengrab)

In a remarkable tale of passion, perseverance, and triumph, Dev Raturi, a 46-year-old man hailing from the Kemriya Saur village in Uttarakhand's Tehri Garhwal district, has not only become a star in the Chinese film industry but is also a successful businessman in China.

Inspired by his idol, Bruce Lee, Dev had once auditioned for a role in a Hindi movie in Mumbai back in 1998 but was met with disappointment. Little did he know that destiny had far greater plans for him.

Dev's journey towards success was far from easy. After years of dreaming about honing his martial arts skills in China, he finally managed to get a job as a waiter at an Indian restaurant in Shenzhen in 2005.

Struggling with a meager monthly salary of Rs 10,000, he made the best of his situation and learned Mandarin while working at the restaurant.

His dreams of receiving martial arts training seemed shattered when he was informed that he needed to go to the famous Shaolin Temple, known as the birthplace of Chan Buddhism and Shaolin Kung Fu, for further training, which he couldn't afford.

However, Dev's unwavering determination led him to persevere, and he worked diligently for seven years, eventually becoming a restaurant manager.

In 2013, fortune smiled upon him when he opened his own restaurant, Red Fort, in Xi'an, which was inspired by India's rich cultural heritage. It was during this time that he caught the attention of a Chinese director, who offered him a small role in a TV series named SWAT in 2017.

Today, Dev Raturi is not just a successful actor but also a successful entrepreneur, owning eight restaurants in China.

“My work in Chinese cinema helped me become a popular face. I have received immense love from locals who helped me during the Covid-19 pandemic. They have adopted me as their own,” said Raturi who lives in Xi’an with his wife Anjali and two sons, Arav, 11, and nine-year-old Arnav, reports Times of India.

His name now finds a place in school textbooks, with his story included in some syllabuses as an inspirational rags-to-riches tale.

According to the ToI report, english textbooks for class 7 students in schools of Xi’an city in Shanxi Province have a section on Raturi.

Despite his success, Dev remains deeply connected to his roots in Uttarakhand. His love for his homeland led him to bring over nearly 150 unemployed men from his village to China, offering them job opportunities and a chance at a better life.

Almost half of his staff, around 40 employees, are from Uttarakhand, while the rest are Chinese.

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