Our Editorial Philosophy

There is before the country the great problem of how to secure welfare without surrendering the individual to be swallowed up by the state, how to get the best return for the taxes the people pay and how to preserve spiritual values while working for better material standards of life. This journal will serve all these purposes.


What does Swarajya 2.0 believe in?

  • Free markets
  • Individual freedom
  • Individual enterprise
  • Integrity of India
  • celebrating and promoting our cultural heritage
  • Gender equality,
  • Secularism which does not pander
  • Separation of religion from politics
  • Opportunity for every Indian to achieve his/her potential
  • Democracy.

A reduced role of the State in general, but a more effective role in its focus areas:

  • Defence
  • Internal security
  • Foreign policy
  • Justice system
  • Facilitating business
  • Investing in the national interest
  • Physical and social infrastructure.

Our identity

Swarajya is an independent voice, looking at the world based on our core principles. We are not a mouthpiece of any political party or individual. Of course, our commentaries may at times be supportive of some, whose convictions converge with that of ours.

Swarajya is the confident voice of the New India. We are not inflexibly doctrinaire. Swarajya is bold enough to be accommodative, or even to change stances when our principles demand that. This is strength, not weakness. We will allow counterpoints to be raised. We will carry rejoinders as counterpoint, or to counter a point.