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News Brief

Top Indian Executives Among Employees Fired In Facebook Parent Meta's Latest Lay Offs

by Swarajya Staff - May 26, 2023, 10:37 AM


Facebook's parent company, Meta Platforms Inc, on Wednesday (24 May) completed the final stage of its 10,000 job cuts announced in March by laying off employees across its business and operations units.

Many employees working in teams including marketing, security, engineering, program management, content strategy, and communications, announced their layoffs on LinkedIn.

Facebook also downsized staff in its privacy and integrity-focused units, according to LinkedIn posts.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, announced a second round of significant layoffs this year, following the dismissal of over 11,000 employees last year.

After a recruitment surge in 2020 that doubled its workforce, the firm’s headcount was restored to mid-2021 levels through the cuts.

During Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg's announcement in March, he stated that the majority of the layoffs in the company's second round would happen in three phases, mostly ending in May. Although there could be some additional layoffs afterwards.

Non-engineering roles have been most affected by the layoffs at Meta, emphasising the importance of coding.

Zuckerberg had vowed to significantly reorganise business teams and achieve an optimal balance of engineers to other roles.

Company executives stated that the firm has cut non-engineering positions such as content design and user experience research most harshly in recent layoffs, even within technology teams. About 4,000 employees lost their jobs in April, Zuckerberg said during a town hall after the last round layoffs in April, following a smaller hit to recruiting teams in March.

On Wednesday, the social media company stated that the cuts would affect nearly 20 per cent of its Irish workforce.

Facebook India's marketing director Avinash Pant and media partnerships director Saket Jha Saurabh were also laid off, Reuters reported citing people with direct knowledge of the matter.