Rahul Gandhi in Hyderabad.
  • “I congratulate Kanhaiya for his win and standing up against suppression,” Nitish Kumar said about the student leader from his state.

    Unfortunately, it is the political class, that is supporting the students, which denies them the very freedom they seek.

It has become a fashion to hijack ideas. India’s professional politicians are jumping into all kinds of agitations happening around the country, while diluting their duties.

In a democracy the political class is expected to provide guidance to society at large and moderate aspirations of people.

However, due to poverty of ideas and laziness, they are running around India in search of issues like Pune’s film institute agitation to farmers dharna in Punjab.


And talking about JNU has become a current passion among the political class.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi went to JNU to support the students. On Friday, it was the turn of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Nitish said “KanhaiyaKumar has given an impactful speech. Whatever he said is right.”


“I congratulate Kanhaiya for his win and standing up against suppression,” Nitish said about the student leader from his state.

Not to be left behind, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal applauded Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech at the JNU post his release from the jail. He tweeted, “What a brilliant speech by Kanhaiya...”

“Heard Kanhaiya’s speech many times. Amazing clarity of thought expressed wonderfully. He said what most people have been feeling. God bless him,” said Kejriwal’s another tweet.


JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar, arrested for sedition 20 days ago, was released from the Tihar Jail here on Thursday evening and returned to the university campus amid noisy celebrations by hundreds of students and teachers.

Kanhaiya and the students, who gathered in hundreds, also repeatedly raised the ‘Azaadi’ slogan, seeking freedom from casteism, patriarchy and injustice among others.

Unfortunately, it is the political class that is supporting the students denies them the freedom sought by them. casteism, patriarchy and injustice are the tools used by the politicians to manipulate people, win elections and stay in power.


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