Operational Conflict of Interest

Swarajya, in its capacity as a magazine, is a fiercely independent and a 'big tent' of right liberal ideas. We are not politically partisan.

We stand for certain principles such as individual liberty and enterprise, free markets, a small state, openness and cultural rootedness, that is mindful of India's diversity. It is not a mouthpiece of any political party or individual.

Of course, our commentaries may at times be supportive of some whose convictions converge with ours. But, as they say, retweets do not equal endorsements. While the content contributors and external authors for Swarajya hail from various political parties, ministries, and influential groups inclined to some cause, the editorial and other internal staff at Swarajya is required to prove the absence of any political conflict of interest at the time of joining.

Given our objective is to help our readers with perspectives that encompass both sides of the debates, the magazine is open to contributions and writers from all political spectrums. Once received, their content is processed by our editorial staff

for any misleading statements, incomplete data, or factual inaccuracies.

To serve both the purposes, that of honest journalism and of relentless unbiased fact checking and correction, the editorial teams of both the entities work independent of each other with no mutual roles for anyone.