Indian Army Soldiers Can Now Bathe Without Water In Siachen-Like Conditions; Company Develops Waterless Shampoo

Indian Army Camp at Siachen (ANNIRUDHA MOOKERJEE/AFP/Getty Images)

Siachen, the world’s highest battlefields where temperatures can go as low as minus 50 degree Celsius and taking bath is a near impossible task. However, a new gel-based waterless bath and shampoo can now allow soldiers maintain personal hygiene, reports The Economic Times.

Puneet Gupta learned about the tough environmental conditions at Siachen, while working with defence personnel who had been posted there. He then decided to find a solution to it and ended up starting Clensta, a waterless personal hygiene solution.

This solution will be able to enable soldiers who brave extreme cold temperatures to take a bath or wash their hair without using a single drop of water.


“I examined the hygienic situation of a soldier and the challenge of not bathing for days faced during their duty in places with extreme conditions like Siachen, Kargil or Drass. After witnessing their difficulty in maintaining personal, I decided to develop waterless technology products, leading to the establishment of Clensta,” says Gupta.

However Clensta also has many civilian applications and can be used on patients in hospitals, elderly people and adventure enthusiasts.

According to the founder, “Amid a scarcity of water to drink, Clensta is a big boon for India since it does not use a drop of water.”

Talking about the product, Gupta said, “Its advanced gel-based cleansing formula not only removes dirt, oil, and grease completely, but also provides anti-microbial properties, removes body odour and maintains the pH of the skin and keeps it moisturized.”

Clensta was developed with IIT-Delhi and Gupta said that the products, indigenously manufactured under the Make in India and Swachh Bharat Scheme, have been dermatological tested and approved under FDA.

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