Is Hardik Patel really fasting? Reports Claim He is Gaining Weight 

Is Hardik Patel really fasting? Reports Claim He is Gaining Weight Hardik Patel during his fast (@HardikPatel_/Twitter)

Questions have been raised on Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) convener Hardik Patel’s indefinite fast which entered its twelfth day on Wednesday (5 September).

As per a Desh Gujarat report, Patel has continually refused to provide blood or urine samples for the third consecutive day, raising questions whether he was actually observing the fast. Tests conducted on the samples would be able to reveal the nature of his fast.

It has also been claimed that Hardik’s aides maintain his fast is a type of Ann Tyag which means that he hasn’t stopped eating fruits or other items.

The report also claimed that Patel’s weight has not reduced by 20 kg as reported earlier and has instead fallen by 11.6 kg. As per the report, his weight was 78 kg on 25 August when his fast began, which has since come down to 58.3 kg.

A TV9 report raises further questions over Patel’s fast by claiming that he has actually been gaining weight:

Earlier Patel had supposedly given up drinking water as well but he resumed it after two days.

As reported by us, Patel is fasting to get reservation in jobs for Patidars and farm loan waivers.