Nike’s $3,000 ‘Jesus Shoes’ Injected With Sacred Water Are Sold Out Within Minutes

‘Jesus Shoes’. (Unbox Therapy/YouTube)

In an unusual consumer craze in the US, $3,000 sneakers called ‘Jesus Shoes’ as they contain water from the Jordan River (considered sacred in Christianity) sold out in a matter of minutes despite the extremely prohibitive price, reports ANI.

The shoes, sold as a limited edition variety of Nike Air Max 97s and created by Brooklyn-based creative label MSCHF, are injected with holy water in such a way that it can be seen floating in their soles.

But the holy water is just one of the several religion-related aspects of the shoes; they also come inscribed with the Matthew 14:25 verse from the Bible (which incidentally talks about Jesus walking over water). A crucifix is also inlaid in the laces, while the soles are red-coloured, which is seen as a reference to the shoes popes have historically worn.


Even the packaging of the shoes is marked with religious symbols. The shoebox has the picture of an angel and is stamped with what resembles a papal seal.

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