Video Of UK Based Pro-Khalistan Leader ‘Smooching’ A Transsexual Rakes Up Controversy

Video clip of the Sikh separatist has whipped up a controversy (Pic via Twitter/@ANI)

A viral video of Harsimranjit Singh Khera, youth leader of the Sikh Federation in the United Kingdom (UK), kissing a transsexual has whipped up a controversy, The Tribune has reported. The video was publicised by ‘Real Sikh Talk’ on Facebook. Khera had been an active member of the Referendum 2020 campaigns in UK and other European countries.

“Harsimranjit Singh Khera – Sikh Federation UK's main youth leader/activist has been exposed snogging a tranny. There is also another video going around of him having sex with the tranny. This is a man who has had multiple divorces and lectures others on Sikhi and Maryada while worshipping dead saints and welcoming other fake babas to his house and to the UK. He is very well known within Sikh circles in Birhimgham and within Sikh youth UK”, the text accompanying the video clip said.

Real Sikh Talk has argued that public views of the activist are in stark contrast with his private life. Khera has deleted his Facebook account after the video was publicised on social media.


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