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India's Rapid Development Over The Last Decade Has Amazed Whole World: PM Modi To Indian Community In Russia—Key Highlights

Kuldeep Negi

Jul 09, 2024, 01:03 PM | Updated 01:03 PM IST

PM Modi
PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday (9 July) said that India is transforming at a rapid pace and the world is taking a note.

He was speaking at an event organised by the Indian community in Moscow, Russia.

"The whole world is amazed at the pace of development that the country has achieved in the last 10 years. When people from around the world come to India, they say, 'Bharat Badal Raha Hai' (India is changing). They can clearly see the transformation of India, the reconstruction of India!" PM Modi said.

The country, he said, is infused with a confidence and is making things happen.

"Over 140 crore Indians are making this resurgence of India possible -- they dream big, they take a pledge and then make it happen," he said.

"It took only a decade for Bharat to double the number of airports... It took only a decade for Bharat to electrify over 40,000 kms of the railway lines. This makes the world realise the potential of our country...this makes the world believe that 'Bharat is changing...' he said.

"The first step towards achieving success is self-belief and self-confidence. Before 2014, we were in the depths of despair. But today, the country is full of confidence. And this is the biggest asset of Hindustan!" he said.

PM Modi said that the next 10 years are going to be years of even more faster growth.

"India's new momentum will write a new chapter in the world's development," he said.

During his speech, the Prime Minister also referred to India's victory in the Men's T20 cricket world cup that ended the 13-year ICC trophy drought for the Men in Blue.

"You must have celebrated India's T20 World Cup victory here. The real story of that win is the journey towards it. Today's young India does not accept defeat till the last ball and the last moment. And victory kisses the feet of those who do not accept defeat," he said.

On India-Russia ties, PM Modi said that both the countries are working shoulder to shoulder to give new energy to global prosperity.

"When Indians hear the word 'Russia,' the first thing that comes to mind is a reliable friend and companion through good times and bad. Even when temperatures in Russia drop to negative range (below 0 degree celsius) in winter, the friendship between India and Russia has always remained warm and positive. This relationship is built on a strong foundation of mutual trust and mutual respect," he said.

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