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Telangana To Send 905 Workers To Israel Amid Labour Shortage Due To Conflict, Over 2,000 Registered For Recruitment

Bhuvan Krishna

May 27, 2024, 05:12 PM | Updated 05:12 PM IST

Indian labourers. (Representative image)
Indian labourers. (Representative image)

Labourers from across Telangana have registered for recruitment to Israel, a country experiencing a significant labour shortage following the escalation of its conflict with Hamas earlier this year.

Over a four-day recruitment drive that concluded in Hyderabad on Friday, 2,209 labourers signed up for skilled construction work in Israel. Following rounds of skill tests, 905 individuals were selected to join Israel’s foreign labour force.

The Telangana state government conducted this initiative in collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation International (NSDCI).

The Telangana recruitment drive is the third of its kind in India this year, under an agreement between the Indian and Israeli governments. This agreement facilitates the recruitment of skilled Indian labourers to work in Israel.

Upcoming recruitment drives are planned for Maharashtra, Bihar, and Rajasthan. So far, at least one batch of 60 labourers has reportedly left for Israel.

However, due to the escalating conflict between Israel and Iran in March, which resulted in the death of a Kerala man working on an Israeli farm, the Indian government temporarily halted the migration of its citizens to Israel. Air India also suspended flights to Israel until mid-May.

The Telangana recruits include carpenters, ceramic tilers, plasterers, and iron benders. The attractive salaries in Israel’s construction industry, ranging from Rs 1.2 lakh to Rs 1.38 lakh per month, are a significant draw, offering much higher pay than similar jobs in India.

Israel, which has faced a labour shortage in its construction sector, previously employed around 80,000 Palestinians.

However, their work permits were revoked following the intensification of conflicts with Arab nations in January. Indian labourers are now expected to fill this gap.

The timeline for the recruited labourers to travel to Israel remains uncertain. "This process takes time, and we need to ensure all safeguards are in place," an official stated.

Bhuvan Krishna is Staff Writer at Swarajya.

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