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How Come Britain Didn't See This New 'JIhadi John' Coming?

The question, though, is this: given his openly militant and regressive Islamist views and activism, why are people even surprised? How could Britain not see this coming?

According to recent news reports, ISIS has found a new candidate to be ‘Jihadi John’ . On 3 January ISIS released a ghastly video on Sunday showing five Syrian men being killed brutally after they were denounced as spies. On watching the video, the security establishment of the United Kingdom realised that one of the terrorists shown in the video could be British-Indian Siddhartha Dhar, who became Abu Rumasayah, after converting to Islam.

Initially running a business of renting out ‘bouncy castles’ in London, Siddhartha (now Abu Rumasayah) went on to join the banned militant group Al-Muhajiroun, headed by Anjem Choudary.

The appalling part however is the possibility that he may have slipped out to Syria without being intercepted by the British Intelligence Authorities. According to news reports he was briefly arrested by the authorities on suspicion of terror charges in September last year, but was granted bail after which he took a bus to Paris and from there crossed over to Syria to join the Islamic State.

People who had met and interviewed Dhar prior to his disappearance said there were substantial similarities in tone of voice and appearance between Abu Rumasayah and the “new Jihadi John”. The previous ‘Jihadi John’ Mohammed Emwazi was killed in an American drone strike in November after being filmed beheading at least six Isis hostages.

Although it is bad news for Britain that another of their own has swollen the rank of the Islamic State, there is nothing surprising about it. Abu Rumasayah was well-known as an militant Islamist back in the United Kingdom, and had often appeared on television debates propagating and defending militant Islamism.

In the November of 2014, CBS foreign correspondent Clarissa Ward interviewed Rumasayah and one of his Islamist associate and accompanied them on one of their “sharia patrols in London.   The streets of London are an “alternate reality” under the watch of the patrols. In such patrols these militant Islamists seek to impose their puritanical view on the Londoners.  Watch this video of the interview:

In the video Rumasayah dismisses his British heritage, and constantly reminds his wish to implement Sharia all over Europe. Some of the notable excerpts from the interview would highlight why Rumasayah joining Isis is no big surprise as it reveals his mindset:

Ultimately I want to see every single woman in this country covered from head-to-toe; I want to see the hand of the thief cut; I want to see adulterers stoned; I want to see Sharia in Europe, and I want to see it in America as well

When Ms Ward stated in the interview that “The only thing I would say is that in America and in the United Kingdom, we have a system: democracy”, Rumaysah interjected “A backwards one..” .

“But it’s a system…” she starts but Rumaysah,“A barbaric one,”, however she continued “…that allows the people to choose what they want and allows people freedom”.

To which he retorts “So why can’t I choose Sharia?”. “When in Rome, overthrow Caesar and commit Sharia.” “In your home, you can do whatever you want,” Ward said patiently.

However Rumaysah now visibly angry asked  “But what about in the public?”. “Why can’t I tell you to cover up? Am I free to say that?”

“Because it would be outrageous,” replies Ward. “Of course, you’re not…”

“So where’s my freedom? Where’s my freedom?!” he shouts back.

“You can say it to me, but you…”

“Okay. So cover up. Wear the hijab,” demands Rumaysah.

On being shown the video, Rumaysah’s sister Konika told the Independent-

If it is him, bloody hell am I shocked? I am going to kill him myself. He is going to come back and I’m going to kill him if he has done this.

The question, though, is this: given his openly militant and regressive Islamist views and activism, why are people even surprised? How could Britain not see this coming?