Sindhi Hindus To Only Follow Sanatani Practices, To Return All Copies Of Guru Granth Sahib To Sikhs Globally: Top Seer

Swarajya Staff

Jan 27, 2023, 10:49 AM | Updated 10:54 AM IST

A picture of the Guru Granth Sahib copies being taken to a Gurudwara in Indore (Representative Image)
A picture of the Guru Granth Sahib copies being taken to a Gurudwara in Indore (Representative Image)

A prominent Udasi Hindu saint has said that the Sindhi Hindus will only follow the 'Sanatani' practices.

He also urged Sindhi Hindus globally to return the copies of Guru Granth Sahib in their temples to Gurudwaras.

The development comes after 50 Sindhi Hindu temples in Indore removed copies of Guru Granth Sahib and handed those to a local gurudwara following a protest by a Sikh Group from Punjab against the placing of the Sikh holy text near 'murtis' of deities in temples belonging to the Sindhi community.

The group that protested reportedly comprised Nihang Sikhs from Amritsar city in Punjab.

They entered into a spat with the temple management, demanding that either the temples where copies of Guru Granth Sahib were kept, be declared Gurudwaras or have the copies removed, to prevent them from sacrilege. The issue reached the local police station as well.

The Sindhi community formed a committee of five people and, after discussions with the Sikh group, took the decision of handing over the copies to a local Gurudwara.

Saying that the Nihang Sikhs insulted the murtis of deities and gurus in the Sindhi temples, Mahamandleshwar of Shree Panchayati Bada Udasin Akhara - Prayagraj Swami Hansraj, who follows Udasi Sampradaya, said that the Sindhi Hindu community has begun the process of returning the copies of the Guru Granth Sahib across the country to the gurudwaras.

He further added that Sindi Hindu temples in India and around the globe will hand over the copies of the Sikh holy texts to local gurudwaras.

"Sindhi Samaj is Sanatani, we would be practicing only sanatani practices, and through panchayat/ community members across world Guru Granth from Temples would be handed over to Sikh community" the seer said.

"We are Sanatanis, we will practice our rituals. The Sindhi community is Sanatan dharmi," he added.

"Even before Guru Granth was compiled, we Sindhis since time immemorial are following teachings of Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagvad Mahapuran, Bhagvad Gita. Our community should remain united," he said.

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