Chennai To Get Green Logistics Overhaul With New Government Initiative

V Bhagya Subhashini

Jun 20, 2024, 04:50 PM | Updated 04:50 PM IST

Electric Flying Taxi, e200
Electric Flying Taxi, e200

In an effort to decarbonise the logistics sector and promote green logistics, the Tamil Nadu government has established a 22-member Chennai City Logistics Coordination Committee.

The committee, chaired by I Jayakumar, the special officer of Chennai Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (CUMTA), aims to develop a comprehensive logistics plan for Chennai, according to a recent government order.

The state is preparing logistics plans for both Chennai and Coimbatore. The Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO) is responsible for the Coimbatore plan, while CUMTA is developing the Chennai plan.

Key members of the committee include the Chennai Corporation Commissioner, the Managing Director of TIDCO, and the Managing Director of Chennai Metro Rail, among others.

A CUMTA official stated that the committee’s goal is to create a logistics plan for the Chennai metropolitan area that assesses the current freight performance, identifies immediate and future needs, and outlines both short-term reforms and a long-term action plan, reports The New Indian Express.

The logistics plan will incorporate advanced technologies, including the potential use of 'flying taxis' for cargo transport across the city. "Although we have only conducted a workshop so far, establishing the necessary infrastructure for drones will take time," the official added.

The state government has released a logistics policy for the next five years, aimed at enhancing the sector to support economic growth. This policy includes an integrated logistics plan for the next decade, aligning with emerging requirements and industry developments.

A key objective of the policy is to reduce the environmental impact of the logistics sector by promoting a shift from road transport to more eco-friendly alternatives such as rail and coastal shipping.

The committee has also engaged with stakeholders, holding a conference with the Madras Chamber of Commerce. It plans to collaborate with academic institutions, civil society organisations, traders associations, resident welfare associations, and non-governmental organisations to conduct stakeholder consultations. These consultations will help evaluate city-specific logistics needs and develop actionable plans.

According to the government order, the logistics coordination committee will meet quarterly, with additional meetings scheduled as needed by the chairperson.

V Bhagya Subhashini is a staff writer at Swarajya. She tracks infrastructure developments.

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