Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor: Successful Trial Run Of Goods Train Between New Karchana And New Sujatpur

Arun Kumar Das

Dec 31, 2022, 04:56 PM | Updated 04:56 PM IST

EDFC: Trial run between Karchana-Sujatpur stations
EDFC: Trial run between Karchana-Sujatpur stations

The trial run of a freight train consisting of 53 wagons loaded with coal was conducted successfully on Wednesday between Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor’s New Karchana and New Sujatpur stations.

The freight trains will now be run bypassing Prayagraj city. This section of EDFC has a route length of 62.65 km and includes an important bridge of about 1 km length over the Yamuna river.

With this, all connections of EDFC with Indian Railways between Chunar and Kanpur stations (route length of 322.353 km) including four link lines -Cheoki Link Line, Iradatganj Link Line, Sujatpur link line and Rooma link line have been completed.

In this section Road Under Bridges and Road Over Bridges have been provided at all level crossings for safety of public and unhindered movement of goods trains.

With the commissioning of this DFC detour, all the goods trains which were passing through Prayagraj Junction, Cheoki and Naini stations of Indian Railways will now move through this DFC detour.

This will help the North Central Railway by relieving the congestion at these stations. The punctuality of passenger carrying trains will also improve significantly.

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