After ‘Halal Cut’, Now ‘Halal Net’: Malay Startup Unveils ‘Sharia-Compliant’ ‘SalamWeb’ Browser For Muslims

After ‘Halal Cut’, Now ‘Halal Net’: Malay Startup Unveils ‘Sharia-Compliant’ ‘SalamWeb’ Browser For MuslimsThe SalamWeb browser on a smartphone. (Pic via SalamWeb website)

A Malaysian tech startup has come up with a mobile internet browser called ‘SalamWeb’, which offers a ‘Sharia-compliant browsing experience’. The browser will alert users in case a page they are about to visit contains material relating to pornography, alcohol, gambling and other Islamic vices, reports Business Standard.

The browser is primarily directed towards users in Malaysia and Indonesia, according to Salam Web Technologies MY Sdn Managing Director Hasni Zarina Mohamed Khan.

The browser also comes equipped with other features such as messaging and news among others.

SalamWeb marks web pages as appropriate, neutral or inappropriate, depending on community-contributed data.

Khan states that her company aims to eventually ‘capture’ 10 per cent of the approximately 1.8 billion global, internet-savvy Muslim population market.

“We know the internet has the good and the bad, so SalamWeb offers you a tool to create this window that lets you go to the internet to see the good,” she remarked.

The browser also has some other specifically Islamic features, such as notifying users about prayer timings and indicating the Qibla, which is the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca Muslims must pray towards.