Ahead Of French Local Election, President Emmanuel Macron Steps Up To Stop Spread Of Radical Islam In The Republic

Swarajya Staff

Feb 21, 2020, 10:23 AM | Updated 10:23 AM IST

New French President Emmanuel Macron. (David Ramos/GettyImages)
New French President Emmanuel Macron. (David Ramos/GettyImages)

Ahead of local elections, French President Emmanuel Macron has decided to counter the spread of what he calls Islamist “separatism” in some French cities, reports Eurasiantimes.

Macron reportedly said, "It is “unacceptable for anyone to violate the laws of the French republic in the name of a religion or a foreign power. There is no place for prejudice in the republic and we must put meritocracy everywhere”.

Some of the measures sough to tighten the screw on the spread of radical Islam includes blocking foreign mosque financing, terminating the nomination of Imams by other nations, etc.

The incumbent also shared his concern as many a times the imams appointed to France were linked to Salafi school which is puritanical and “preach against the republic’’.

Macron stressed the need for Islamic religious teachers to learn French and follow the laws of the republic.

France is home to 57 lakh Muslims and just last week, Macron, extended his support to a French teenage girl who had received death threats after she posted an anti-religious diatribe video on social media and was accused of blasphemy which is not a crime in France.

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