Assam To Launch Universal Old Age Pension, To Cover All BPL And APL Ration Card Holders Above Age Of 60

A Yoga Camp organised for the residents of Helping Hands Old Age Home, Guwahati by the Assam Government. (representative image) (via Twitter)

In a welfare measure bound to find resonance among the population, the Assam cabinet has proposed a universal old age pension which would cover everyone above the age of 60 with a BPL or APL ration card. The government proposes to introduce this scheme on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti falling on 2 October.

The cabinet also made a slew of other announcements which included relaxation of the annual turnover limit for registration under GST from Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 20 lakhs. Further, the cabinet extended relief to small tea growers by granting them exemption from the payment of a 10 paisa tea cess under the Assam Special Land Act, 1990.

The government in a bid to promote sports also proposes to establish a sports university at Chabua which will be named after Aniruddha Dev.

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