Chopping Out Hillary Clinton? Texas Board To Revise Curriculum, Says No Need To Study About Her

Swarajya Staff

Sep 20, 2018, 12:14 PM | Updated 12:14 PM IST

Hillary Clinton (Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Hillary Clinton (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Texas students need not study about Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller and Barry Goldwater in their social studies classes anymore, CNN has reported. The preliminary decision was taken by Texas State Board of Education in order to reduce the emphasis on memorisation and facilitate deeper discussions on topics. A final decision on the matter is yet to be taken in November.

In spite of their removal from the texts, teachers can still invoke examples while teaching social science, say officials. "Texas simply has too many learning standards, required to be taught and assessed on state assessments, for educators to cover in a year," Chairperson of the Texas State Board of Education Donna Bahorich said.

The preliminary vote on the removal of these figures from the school syllabus has evoked criticism. However, the board is acting on the recommendations of working groups constituted to streamline the school syllabus in the state.

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