Dalit Families Who Were Stopped From Installing Kali Idol In Meerut Village Temple Threaten To Convert To Islam

Kali (Representative image/Twitter)

Dalit families who were stopped from installing a Kali idol inside a Shiva Temple in Masuri village, Meerut district, have threatened to convert to Islam, Times of India has reported.

The villagers were stopped by members of four families of the village who claimed to be part of the temple committees. However, Dalits argue that these miscreants had no documents to prove the same.

“We are Hindus. If we can't put a goddess idol in a temple, then where should we go? It's better to convert”, Rajkumar, a protester, told ANI. Another protester told Times of India that the families would convert to Islam if the authorities did not intervene in the matter.


“Protesters have alleged that they wanted to place an idol in the village temple but were stopped by other locals. We will investigate the matter. I don't know about the religious conversion demand, but the matter will be resolved”, the Assistant District Magistrate (ADM), Ramachandra told ANI.

The villagers further alleged that the four families who prevented them from installing the Kali idol used its premises to park their vehicles and drink liquor.

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