Desi Butter Is Better: Cleveland Clinic Lists Three Benefits Of Ghee, Says It’s Excellent For The Belly

Ayurveda says Ghee (clarified butter) is a longevity-promoting food. It aids in digestion, soothes the nerves and is an excellent medium for transporting the nutrients of other foods to the tissues (Source: @incredibleindia/Twitter)

Ghee, a clarified butter of Indian origin, is said to have many organic nutritional benefits, according to Cleveland Clinic.

Ghee, mainly used in Indian cuisine, is made by heating butter and removing the caramelised milk solids. This leaves only the butterfat behind. Apart from the vast array of Indian cuisine, it used on a variety of foods, mainly toast, steamed vegetables as well as in baking and sautéing.

Cleveland Clinic names three benefits of this organic food item.


The first is that Ghee is suitable even for the lactose intolerant, because of the removal of milk solids.

The second is that it’s a rich source of butyric acid, helps in digestion and thus maintains the integrity of the intestinal wall.

Finally, Ghee contributes to the colon health; research shows the short-chain fatty acids (like butyric acid) in the Ghee can protect against damaging cell growth in the colon.

Apart from the nutritional aspects, Ghee is one of the main ingredients in the ancient Indian medicine system of Ayurveda.

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