#Haryana2019: AAP Yet To Open Account In Haryana; Worry Signal For The Upcoming Delhi Elections

#Haryana2019: AAP Yet To Open Account In Haryana; Worry Signal For The Upcoming Delhi ElectionsAAP Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal 

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) under the leadership of Arvind Kejirwal has again failed to make any political impact/inroad in Haryana Election. It is yet to register a lead in any seat in the counting exercise of state’s election.

Many experts see this as a sign of worry for AAP in the Delhi Elections which will be held early next year.

The repeated attacks on Prime Minister Modi and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) by AAP supremo Kejriwal failed to avert the electoral disaster for the party.

Instead the party should now focus on governance, communication and outreach. AAP had the best ground crew back in 2014 but Arvind Kejirwal never made the transition from being an activist to politician.

The constant electoral losses in state and the recently concluded general elections was a wake-up call for them. Not to mention many its founding members have also left the party due to Kejirwal’s demagoguery and his inability to tolerate any dissent within the party.

The future of AAP and the political future of Kejirwal now solely rests on Delhi elections. Due to his personality cult, any failure will be squarely on Kejriwal’s shoulders- the plausible factor for his undoing and eventual downfall as he does not have fall guys to take the hit for him.

Kejirwal himself beautifully summed up the situation when he said, “So far, BJP and Amit Shah have been focusing only on Haryana and Maharashtra. They haven't started working on Delhi yet...when they do, things could change very fast."

In 2020, Delhi could prove to be a bridge too far for AAP to cross.

On the other hand, criticism have been mounting up against Delhi’s BJP unit as well, which is being seen as lazy and defunct. Sympathisers are accusing Delhi BJP leadership of laying back and depending totally on ‘Modi magic’ to work for them, instead of working on the ground.

After Haryana and Maharashtra elections are done, BJP would be well-advised to start working hard on Delhi. The National Capital Territory shouldn’t be mistaken to be in the saffron party’s bag already, unlike the former two states.