IAF Balakot Air Strike: Sensational New Details Of Pakistani Activity, Cover-Up Emerge

IAF Balakot Air Strike: Sensational New Details Of Pakistani Activity, Cover-Up EmergeJaish-e-Mohammed terror camp

Italian journalist Francesca Marino has confirmed via her sources that around 130 to 170 terrorists died in the Balakot strike carried out by the Indian Air Force (IAF).

As per an article published in Stringer Asia, a Pakistani army unit located 20 km away at Shinkiari arrived at the Balakot Jaish-e-Mohammed terror camp (or what was left of it), following the IAF air strike. It reached the spot at around 6 am, two and a half hours after the strike.

After the army unit arrived at the spot, the injured were taken to a Harkat-ul-Mujahideen camp located in Shinkiari and were treated upon by Pakistan army doctors.

The journalist claims that her sources have confirmed that 45 terrorists are still undergoing treatment at the hospital for serious injuries sustained during the air strike. Those who recovered were taken into custody by the Pakistani Army and are yet to be released.

Of the 130-170 casualties, 11 are believed to have been terror trainers including bomb making and weapon trainers. After the airstrike, the Jaish-e-Mohammed operators also paid hush money to the families of the slain terrorists to prevent further details from leaking out.

As part of Pakistan’s cover-up in the aftermath of the airstrike, all the links to the Jaish-e-Mohammed and Masood Azhar were removed from near the terror camp and all signs of it once being a terror facility have been removed. It continues to be controlled by the Pakistani Army, with not even local police being allowed entry.

This cover-up also included some locals having dumped rubble in the Kunhar river soon after the airstrike.