IIT BHU Researchers Design Brick That Allows Water To Pass; Can Counter Flooding, Increase Ground-Water Level

Banaras Hindu University (Facebook)

Three PhD scholars at IIT-BHU, Mayank Sukhija, Mohit Chaudhary and Nirmal Prasad, have designed a brick that allows water to be passed through it.

These bricks are made using construction waste and can be use in construction of roads and pavements to prevent floods and water-logging during heavy rain, reports Indian Express.

The researchers cite recent heavy rainfall in the region and the consequent water-logging as an inspiration in creation of the product.


Four products - cement, reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) or waste material obtained from roads and pavements, super-plasticiser and water, were utilised by the team in the construction of the brick

The researchers said, “There is no system of conserving rainwater and most of it goes waste, despite harnessing materials. If roads and pavements are used, the groundwater levels will also increase. Most areas in metros and cities are concrete and can be converted into harnessing sites as they have closed channels underneath.”

“We aim to make 500 different blocks for testing,” remarked Mayank, adding, “We are yet to finalise the cost. Since the only cost of creating this product is that of cement, besides construction waste and water, it can be easily available at affordable rates.”

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