IIT Delhi Partners With IBM To Develop AI Which Can Reason And Comprehend

IIT Delhi Partners With IBM To Develop AI Which Can Reason And ComprehendIIT Delhi main building (Photo by Money Sharma/The India Today Group/Getty Images)

IIT Delhi has announced a partnership with AI Horizons Network of IBM in multi-year collaborative research on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The collaboration will target discovering novel AI techniques which help organisations make informed decisions by being able to reason with their AI systems logically, reports Financial Express.

AI will be trained using complex questions using natural language techniques to obtain new insights.

Currently, an AI system cannot explain its decision-making process. Researchers at IBM and students and professors from IIT Delhi will work together to add new traits in AI like reasoning, comprehension and inferencing.

An example where the above-said developments are required is that when a procurement analyst wants to decide the price of a commodity using AI suggestion, reliability and trust cannot be achieved without knowing the reasons with which AI took the decisions.

The research will benefit healthcare and medicine, finance, and customer support.