In Bihar’s Begusarai Muslim Mob Beats Up Hindu Family To Force Them To Sell Their House

Swarajya Staff

Jun 11, 2019, 08:46 PM | Updated Jun 13, 2019, 06:08 PM IST

The victim family (photo by special arrangement)
The victim family (photo by special arrangement)

A family in Bihar's Begusarai district has given a complaint to the police that a mob barged into their house on the intervening night of June 10 and 11, molested two women and tried to kill the only male member present at that time.

The Hindu family told Swarajya over the phone that the men were locals Muslims who have been pressuring them to sell their house and leave. They allegedly threatened the family that the locality has few Hindu families and thus they wouldn't be able to do much. "Even Bajrang Dal won't help you,” the men allegedly told the family, that lives in refinery area of Barauni tehsil’s Nurpur village.

Watch the family narrate their ordeal here:

The complaint by a woman named Munni Kumari (a copy of which is with Swarajya) states that of the three men who entered the house at 1 am, two were masked and one was completely naked. The naked man began to rape her mother, while one of the masked men turned towards her and tore off her kurta. The other masked man pointed a pistol at her brother's head. A scuffle ensued and the family managed to get out of their grip, but one of the men tried to strangulate her brother. After a lot of struggle, the men left, but not before thrashing them and throwing a cycle over them.

Kumari has named one of the three men who the family could identify --- one Laddu Alam, son of Feroze Alam, from Nurpur itself. The complaint also states that when Kumari reached the Barauni police station to file an FIR, no officer was present and thus she could only hand over a hand-written complaint.

Munni's brother, Munna, told Swarajya over the phone that the men told them to sell off their house in a week and leave, or sell it to them for Rs 16 lakh. He also said the men boasted that they have support of the local Congress leader. Munna said theirs is one of the only two Hindu houses among about 200 Muslim families. The Muslims, he said, have been pressuring them for a few months to leave the area. “We have told them that this house belongs to our ancestors and there is no way we are leaving. But they use force. They beat me up last month also,” he said.

A newspaper reported that the police have arrested one of the three men and are probing the matter further. Munna, however, said that a senior police office has asked him to take back the case or else there would be a counter case against him.

“After I was thrashed last month, the police had asked me to compromise and hushed up the matter,” he said.

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