Indian Army Outsmarts China On Both Sides Of Pangong Tso, Now Dominating PLA On Northern Shores

Indian Army Outsmarts China On Both Sides Of Pangong Tso, Now Dominating PLA On Northern ShoresFingers on the northern bank of Pangong Lake. (Swarajya Magazine)

After occupying the crucial heights in areas around the southern bank of the Pangong Tso in Ladakh by outflanking Chinese PLA troops, the Indian Army has consolidated deployments on both the Northern and the Southern bank of the lake.

Shifting its stance from reactive to pre-emptive, the Indian Army has reinforced deployments not only on the northern bank of the lake but also on the southern bank.

According to defence journalist Nitin Gokhale, after occupying the heights in the area, India has deployed tanks in the Richin La area. Interesting fact is that these tanks were deployed in broad daylight, surprising the Chinese.

"Since then India has strengthened defences not just on South Bank of Pangong Tso but also on the North Bank. Indian troops now occupy highest points at Finger 4, stationing themselves above the Chinese presence on the lower heights of the ridge line," Gokhale said in a tweet.

He further said that the Chinese PLA is now trying to come closer to the Indian positions on Finger 4 which are at a higher elevation.

Gokhale added that all the PLA deployments on the north shores of the lake are dominated by India’s latest move.

"In effect, the Indian Army has outsmarted the PLA on both sides of Pangong Tso," he said.

He added that situation at LAC remains volatile as after the firing incident on 7 September, reservations about not using firearms at LAC have been removed.

Indian Army, according to the journalist, believes that Chinese PLA will now try to occupy unheld areas in some other sectors to provoke Indian response, and it could happen before 15 November, when winter will begin to set in Ladakh mountains.

According to another defence journalist Shiv Aroor, skirmish between troops of both armies still remains a very real possibility given proximity of forces. However, he believes that the skirmish could be short and localised.

He also added that the escalation could be possible anywhere, especially on Pangong Tso and Depsang Plains areas.