Israel And Bhutan Establish Formal Diplomatic Ties In New Delhi

 Israel And Bhutan Establish Formal Diplomatic Ties In New DelhiSource: Official twitter handle of Israeli Ambassador to India Ron Malka

In a major development for the land-locked nation of Bhutan, the Himalayan Kingdom has established formal diplomatic relations with the State of Israel just weeks after it had established similar relations with Germany, reports Mint.

The relations were formalised by ambassadors of Bhutan and Israel to India, Major General Vetsop Namgyel and Ron Malka, respectively. The two exchanged the formal diplomatic notes at the Embassy of Israel in New Delhi.

Following the establishment of formal relations between the two nations in New Delhi, the Foreign Ministers of the two countries, Tandi Dorji of the Kingdom of Bhutan and Gabi Ashkenazi of Israel, sent mutual congratulations to each other.

A statement issued by the Bhutanese Embassy in New Delhi said that the development would create new avenues for cooperation between the two nations in water management, technology, human resources development, agricultural sciences and other areas of mutual interest.

Meanwhile, a statement issued by the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi stated that the development would not only build upon the existing close ties but open the path to greater cooperation and further strengthen relations between the two countries and peoples.