‘It Will Be A Muslim Majority Nation Right In Your Face’: Canadian Muslim Admits Reproducing More For Demographic Power, Demands Sharia

A huge gathering of Muslims during the 25th AIMPLB Conference in Kolkata, India (representative image)

In a video going viral on social media, a Muslim resident of Canada is seen talking to a reporter, demanding Sharia law. The man demands replacement of constitutional law with Sharia law in Canada.

When the interviewer asks him whether gays would be punished under Sharia law, just for being gay, the man candidly says that since homosexuality is not permitted in Islam, gays would be executed in accordance with Sharia law. He compares Sharia law to the current legal system and says that just as rule-breakers are punished in the Canadian legal system, those who don’t abide by Sharia law will be punished in an Islamic state.

When the reporter asks, “Do you want to see Sharia law in Canada?,” the man says, “At some point it will.” He continues, “you know, because we have families. We are making babies, you’re not. Your population is going down the slump.”


The man, additionally says that Muslims are going to be the largest religious community of the world by 2060, adding that it is according to “Pew Research Institute, your own institute.”

“What are you going to do then? Are you going to oppose Sharia even then?”he asks. The man further says that a Muslim majority nation is going to happen just as there was a “Western majority nation in the land of native Americans”.

“We can have a Muslim majority nation in Canada, right in your face,” he adds.

When the interviewer brings up execution of gays under Sharia law, the man agrees that gays can be executed for being gays. “Muslims are being persecuted for being Muslims in Canada,” the man said, adding that he himself had faced it being a Canadian citizen.

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