Jharkhand: More Than 1400 Artists From 12 Countries Set To Participate In ‘Adivasi Samvaad’ For Tribal Art And Culture

Jharkhand: More Than 1400 Artists From 12 Countries Set To Participate In ‘Adivasi Samvaad’ For Tribal Art And CultureTribals going to attend Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s meeting during the occasion of National Panchayati Raj Day (Photo by Mujeeb Faruqui/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

In a move to conserve the tribal culture, Tata Steel has taken an initiative to instill a tribal identity, or 'tribalism', among tribal children and tribal society through tribal folklore, legends, songs, wisdom, or any other form of literary or artistic way of expression, that is available in a scripted format.

After observing that in this fast moving world of the Internet, the identity of the tribals is being lost, Tata Steel, in collaboration with few local tribal organisations decided to conserve their art and culture so that their future generations could connect with it and feel proud.

"It was observed that the children, whose parents migrate to the cities, gradually forget their language and culture with time, as no one speaks their language here. Hence, we decided to conserve the tribal folklore, languages, literature, songs and folklores in scripted form. Taking an initiative in this regard, we also started teaching tribal languages by opening tribal language learning centres in all major cities of Jharkhand and Odisha where examinations are also taken in three levels — basic, intermediate and advance," said Jiren Topno, head of the tribal culture at Tata Steel Limited as reported by TNIE.

To provide a platform for the tribals across the country to come together and share their problems and challenges and propose solutions, ‘Samvaad’- A Tribal Conclave is being organised in Jamshedpur every year since 2014. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate the very essence of being a tribal.

This year ‘Samvaad’ is being organised with the central theme of 'Coming Together for Social Change' — from November 15 to 19 in Jamshedpur. More than 1,400 artists from 17 states and 12 countries, including Australia, South Africa, Canada, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Vietnam, among others will showcase their culture through 'Rhythm of Earth Dance' for the festival.