Lata Mangeshkar On #MeToo: “Didn’t Allow Anyone To Just Mess Around And Get Away With Things”

Lata Mangeshkar On #MeToo: “Didn’t Allow Anyone To Just Mess Around And Get Away With Things”Singer Lata Mangeshkar (Photo by Milind Shelte/India Today Group/Getty Images)

Speaking on the #MeToo movement in India and the sexual abuse allegations that are being made against prominent personalities, singer Lata Mangeshkar, in an interview, said that nobody could get away after messing around with her.

The Indian Express has reported her as saying that she believes in the dignity of every woman, and they must rightly stand up to preserve it. Her sister Meena’s autobiography named Mothi tichi Savli has some revealing incidents which Lata faced during her career in the film industry.

She reassured that there was no one else who knew her better than her own sister. Meena writes that Lata once threatened to cut lyricist Naqshab Jarchvi into pieces. To that point, she says that he had it coming as he spread rumours about her, which didn’t bear an element of truth whatsoever. So, she did confront him and made sure no one messed around and got away with things like these.

Speaking on the #MeToo movement, she said every woman deserves her share of respect, dignity and space and those who try to curb women of the aforementioned shouldn’t be spared.

She said that most dignified people choose not to author autobiographies since the complete truth cannot be carried out always, and hence it is better to restrain than to lie.