Mamata In A Corner: Over 700 Bengal Government Doctors Resign In A Single Day In Solidarity With Junior Colleagues

Doctors at NRS College & Hospital. (@ANI)

Over 700 government employed doctors having tendered their resignations to the West Bengal government in a single day as a show of solidarity with the striking junior doctors, reports Times of India.

The development was triggered after the Chief Minister (CM) Mamata Banerjee on her visit to SSKM on Thursday (13 June) threatened that action would be taken against doctors if they did not return to work.

The matters have escalated to the extent that the principal and vice-principal at the NRS Medical College and Hospital resigned on Thursday (13 June). On the same day 21 more senior doctors at College of medicine and Sagore Dutta Hospital tendered their resignation.


Following the uprising, on Friday (14 June) 107 doctors from RG Kar Medical College had resigned and were followed by 100 more from Medical College and Hospital, 175 from SSKM, 16 from Chittaranjan National Medical College, 100 from NRS Medical College & Hospital, and 33 from the School of Tropical Medicine. The ones tendering their resignations included several heads of departments.

On Friday the OPDs had remained shut across all government hospitals in West Bengal.

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