NTPC And Art Of Living Undertake Water Rejuvenation Project Near Nagpur, Helped Over 150 Villages From Water Crisis

Swarajya Staff

May 22, 2021, 01:10 PM | Updated 01:10 PM IST

The effect of work done by NTPC and Art Of Living near Nagpur (PIB)
The effect of work done by NTPC and Art Of Living near Nagpur (PIB)

The Central Public Sector Undertaking, NTPC limited, in Mouda, Maharashtra has helped over 150 villages in and around its operational area to overcome water crisis through ground water rejuvenation project.

As part of its CSR initiative, NTPC Mouda is supporting the Jalyukta Shivar Yojana project which has successfully managed to turn Mouda into a water-surplus tehsil.

This project was carried out by the Maharashtra wing of Art of Living along with aid from few other organizations and the State government.

Earlier Mouda, was one of the most water-deficient tehsils in Nagpur. The project which started in 2017 has covered more than 200 km in Mouda, Hingna and Kamptee tehsils. In the last four years, over 150 villages have benefited from it.

NTPC Mouda had contributed 78 lakhs for the fuel charges of machinery and equipment involved. For a similar rejuvenation project of five ponds over an area of 1000 acres, an amount of one Crore is also being provided by NTPC Mouda.

The ‘Trap the rain where it falls’ technique involves the creation of ponds and nullahs throughout the stretch of the river so that rainwater can be held for a long period. Earlier, the rainwater would run off the ground, but now the water gets sufficient time to percolate deep into the ground. This has led to a massive increase in groundwater levels.

“Until a couple of years ago, the farmers in this area were struggling to get water for crops such as paddy, wheat and chilly during the pre-harvesting seasons. Now, the stored rainwater has come to their rescue and provided a new lease of life to their crops and income levels,” the Ministry of Power said in a statement.

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