‘Rowdy Sheeter’ Among Those Who Attacked Cops And Covid Warriors In Bengaluru’s Padarayanapura 

‘Rowdy Sheeter’ Among Those Who Attacked Cops And Covid Warriors In Bengaluru’s Padarayanapura A ‘rowdy sheeter’ who incited a mob to attack health workers in Bengaluru

Around fifty eight members of a locality were to be taken to a quarentine centre as they had been in contact with three people who had attended the Tablighi Jamaat congregation last month in Delhi. But as health officials landed in Padarayanapura, a ward in west Bengaluru that was sealed last week, locals began to pelt stones, pull down the checkpost, removing barriers and behaving unruly. The health workers had to leave the area without taking the secondary contacts who had to be quarentined.

Police had to intervene and control this mob which it now turns out was incited by a lady who is known to have a criminal history. Firoza who is seen seated right in the front row among the ones arrested who have been currently kept under detention at a large hall is reportedly a drug peddler and a ‘rowdy sheeter’.

This mob had objected to people being taken for quarantine and sought that health checkups be held in the area itself.

Also, Eyewitnesses as quoted by news reports say that none of them are from this area. They attacked the locals too who were stopping them from vandalising.

Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa held a meeting with Home Minister B S Bommai who also visited the area earlier today and others, and announced that those who attack health workers, police officials and BBMP workers will not be spared. Calling it a first of its kind where such a disruption of law and order has taken place in the state, ‘strict action would be taken against such people’ he said, in order to prevent such incidents from repeating.

He also said there was no question of any consideration towards those who had behaved unruly and that the police officials have complete liberty and the rights to take action against them . Taking this incident as a precedent, the police force in the state has been given a free hand and let to use ‘any powers required’ to deal with those objecting to health workers and police officials performing their duty.