Senior Congress Leaders Ate Biscuits From The Same Plate As Rahul Gandhi's Dog Pidi: Himanta Biswa Sarma

Senior Congress Leaders Ate Biscuits From The Same Plate As Rahul Gandhi's Dog Pidi: Himanta Biswa SarmaAssam Minister and BJP leader Himanta Biswa Sarma.

The Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma spoke on various issues, including his political career, problems with the Congress leadership at The Indian Express, e.Adda.

When asked to retell the incident that made him fall out with Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party, Sarma said that he would be a more happier person to speak to someone about the entire episode.

He said that many senior leaders like Ahmed Patel, Mallikarjun Khadge and Gulam Nabi Azad were always present with Mrs[Sonia] Gandhi during his meetings.

"at some point of time I resigned, Mrs Gandhi advised me to meet with Rahul. I met him once, that meeting was also very very disgusting but I did not made it publilc."

When asked what disgusted him, Sarma replied that "whenever I raised a concern, Mr Gandhi replied 'So what?'"

He said that he heard the phrase 'So what?' Fifty times during the 20 minutes meeting.

Recalling the meeting that became famous for the dog 'Pidi", Sarma said it was held in a 'conciliatory mood'. Sarma with Tarun Gogoi, C P Joshi, and Late Mr Anjan Datta together met Rahul Gandhi.

He added that they began discussing the 2016 Assam assembly elections in the meeting and that they can beat BJP.

"But during the meeting, I have seen that Rahul is not very interested in the meeting from the very beginning. He was playing with the dog.. anyway, at some point of time, we were served with tea and biscuits, the dog went up to the table and pick up one biscuit from the plate, So Rahul looked at me and started smiling and so I was thinking that why is he smiling, I waited with my cup thinking that Rahul will push the calling bell and ask someone change the plate."

He said that after waiting for 5 minutes, he saw that all the leaders present started taking the biscuits from the same plate.

"I was not a frequent visitor but then I realized that this must be a normal for everybody, happens in all the meetings, so that day I realized, look enough is enough and you[Sarma] cannot stay with that person anymore."

Sarma sarcastically thanked Rahul Gandhi as he could not be Assam CM without his role; he would not have been able to serve the state "had it not been he [Rahul] who has hunted me out literally from the Congress party, so if today I am in this position, that also because of that famous meeting and also the that Rahul did not appreciate the fact, I [Sarma] being in the party."