She Instigated Me: Man Blames Wife After Arrest Over Couple's Fight Against Cops For Not Wearing Masks

Swarajya Staff

Apr 19, 2021, 02:40 PM | Updated 02:40 PM IST

Screengrab of viral video
Screengrab of viral video

A man identified as Pankaj Dutta who along with his wife Abha were caught on camera having a big verbal spat with Delhi Police for not wearing masks, has now blamed his wife for the incident, India Today has reported.

In the viral videos, the wife supported by her husband can be seen rudely arguing with cops, which included abusing the police personnel while boasting that she has cleared the mains exam of UPSC Civil Services. She also yelled at the cops asking them as to what they would do if she kisses her husband in front of them.

The couple argued that there was no need for them to wear masks in their own private vehicle, while the cops appeared to be enforcing a Delhi High Court order which recently ruled that cars on roads were public spaces and thus it is compulsory to wear a mask while travelling in them.

Following the fracas, the husband was arrested and taken to the Daryaganj police station. Later while speaking to the media he claimed that his wife was in the wrong. He added that he was asking his wife to wear a mask but she did not listen to him and also did not allow him to wear one.

"What she did was wrong. I had been telling her for long that we should wear our masks, but she refused to wear one and even did not let me wear a mask", the husband said. He also added that his wife instigated him and had also called the cops beggars for trying to issue a chalaan.

The wife has now also been arrested. Both of them have now been seen wearing masks.

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