The Plastic Cutlery Which You Get After Ordering Food Online Results In 22,000 Tonnes Of Waste Per Month

Representative Image (@benedictallen/Twitter)

Food delivery apps that take 35-40 million orders per month may be generating close to 22,000 tonnes of plastic cutlery waste according to estimates, Times of India has reported.

Top food-aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato are taking measures to reduce this waste. While Swiggy is trying to use biodegradable options, Zomato is giving the option for its customers to reject cutlery.

Swiggy packaging assist program allows its partners to use solutions made of aluminium, paper, cornstarch and bagasse which suit menu needs at various prices. Vice President of Swiggy, Srivats TS told Times of India that his company was keen on introducing eco-friendly meal trays.


“On our app, we offer consumers an opportunity to opt out of cutlery when they order, thereby reducing plastic waste”, the Chief Executive Officer of Zomato, Deepinder Goyal wrote in a blog post. Another food delivery firm Uber Eats is using paper bags for food delivery as per reports.

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