The Rot Runs Deeper: Former US President Bill Clinton Faces Fresh Sexual Assault Allegations

The Rot Runs Deeper: Former US President Bill Clinton Faces Fresh Sexual Assault AllegationsHillary and Bill Clinton. (Win McNamee via Getty Images)

Closely following a series of claims of sexual misconduct which have been tearing up the liberal establishment in Hollywood, 71-year old former US President Bill Clinton is now facing fresh allegations of sexual assault by four women.

The new allegations come at a time when several people close to the liberal Democratic establishment are under fire for sexual misconducts, including noted Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein and famous actor Kevin Spacey.

Bill Clinton has a legacy of sexual misadventures since his time in the White House, the most infamous being the Monica Lewinsky scandal in which he admitted to “improper physical relationship” with the White House intern after earlier denials. However, the new allegations are from a time after Clinton left the White House in 2001. Bill Clinton was at the time employed by billionaire Ron Burkle to help him generate business opportunities. The four woman were employed in “low-level positions” in Burkle’s company. The women are threatening legal action if their demands for a payout are not met, with Clinton’s legal team actively working to settle the matter.

Clinton had earlier settled a similar lawsuit against him by Paula Jones, where he ended up paying $850,000 to Jones as a part of the settlement.

The allegations come at a bad time for Hillary Clinton, as she seeks to portray herself as the leader of the resistance to the Trump administration, in a possible bid for the presidency in 2020. However, she has shockingly been reported to have offered her private detectives to dig up mud on the four women in a bid to silence them. Hillary and her team are allegedly complicit in silencing several other women who wanted to report Bill’s demeanours through the years.

Hillary and Bill reportedly haven’t been at the best of terms for some years now, with claims that their relationship has only been business-like. They are claimed to even live separately, with Bill being against her recent book release too. In the face of all this, the fresh allegations are sure to apply even more pressure on their relations and weaken Hillary’s claim as the liberal establishment’s unblemished leader.

While the liberal Democratic regime faces yet another test, US President Donald Trump has been moving ahead with his administration’s foreign policy, with the latest being declaring North Korea a “state sponsor” of terrorism.