UPSC Civil Services: IAS Aspirants Should Remember These Last Moment Tips For Mains Exam

UPSC Civil Services: IAS Aspirants Should Remember These Last Moment Tips For Mains ExamUnion Public Service Commission (UPSC) building, New Delhi (Vivek Singh/The India Today Group/Getty Images) 

The Mains examination for the prestigious UPSC Civil Services would begin from Friday (20 September) and will continue till 29 September with a brief break in between.

Tests on essay and general studies would be conducted in the first three days from Friday to Sunday and language, optional subject’s test would be conducted on the next weekend.

Some Last Minute Tips For IAS Aspirants

First and foremost the candidates should be confident in their ability. The test is as much a test of the candidate’s endurance and mental toughness as much it is of their scholastic ability.

The syllabus for General Studies is quite vast and it is virtually impossible for any candidate to cover all the topics. Therefore, while approaching the examination the candidate should totally avoid mulling over topics they failed to cover as even their competitors are not going in with so called 100 per cent preparation.

As the paper is descriptive with no negative marking, the candidates should ensure that they attempt as many questions as they can without crossing the word limit.

As the examination for languages and optional subjects would be held in the next weekend, candidate can try to revise topics from their optional subject and maybe take help from their friends cum fellow aspirants or teachers for a final minute brush-up.

Final Points

First and foremost - be positive. Whatever happens, it is not the end of the world. Go to the exam hall with a calm mind and try to get at least 8-9 hours of sleep the night before. Also make sure to carry ample amount of pens with you and read the questions carefully before answering.

Best Wishes!