US Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks President Trump's Ban On ByteDance Owned TikTok

Swarajya Staff

Sep 28, 2020, 09:36 AM | Updated 09:36 AM IST

US President Donald Trump (Pic Via Twitter)
US President Donald Trump (Pic Via Twitter)

A Federal district judge Carl Nichols has temporarily blocked President Donald Trump's ban of Chinese short-video sharing platform TikTok in the United States (US), reports Hindustan Times.

This comes as a major relief for Chinese technology behemoth ByteDance which owns TikTok, as without the judgement, it would have been banned in the US and removed from the US app marketplaces operated by Apple Inc and Google on the iOS and Android platforms.

The judgement comes as ByteDance is fighting against President Trump's executive decree on banning TikTok at a time when the Chinese company is also pursuing a possible deal with US-based giants Oracle Corp and Walmart Inc.

The relief came as TikTok's lawyer John Hall argued in front of the court, "How does it make sense to impose this app-store ban tonight when there are negotiations underway that might make it unnecessary?".

Meanwhile, it should be noted that not just TikTok, but President Trump's administration has also cracked down on another popular Chinese platform on the charge of possible sharing of data of millions of US nationals with the Chinese Government. The banned platform is pwned by another Chinese technology giant Tencent Holdings Limited and is popularly known as WeChat.

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