Uttarakhand Government Mulls State-Wide Shift To CBSE, State Board May Soon Be History

Uttarakhand Education Minister Arvind Upadhyay. (c) (pic via Twitter)

All government high schools and inter colleges currently under the Uttarakhand Board of School Education (UBSE) could soon be affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), reports Amar Ujala.

State education minister Arvind Pandey recently held talks with CBSE officials to discuss bringing all the high schools and intermediate colleges under the ambit of the central education board, the report quotes sources as saying. During the meeting, the education minister also proposed setting up a CBSE regional office in Kumaon area.

The government, however, is looking at all technical aspects before implementing the scheme.


As per the report, if the move becomes a reality, around 2,300 schools in the state will come under the purview of CBSE. This will also help the students from far flung areas of the state to perform well in the competitive exams.

However, the move could also increase the burden on regional office of CBSE in Dehradun thereby increasing the possibility of opening another regional office in Kumaon.

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