Watch: East Coast Railway Builds Underpass In 4.5 Hours

Watch: East Coast Railway Builds Underpass In 4.5 HoursThe construction of the underpass (Video via Twitter)

The Waltair (Visakhapatnam) railway division of the East Coast Railway (ECoR) built a limited-height subway to replace a level crossing on the Kottavalsa-Pendurti section of the Chennai-Kolkata mainline in a record of four hours and 30 minutes.

The standard time taken to build such a subway is six to eight hours for a structure under two tracks. The Wailtair division however, finished it in less time, that two under four tracks.

According to a statement by ECoR, the underpass was built a t a cost of Rs 2.6 crore and involved inserting 20 precast concrete boxes and 15 base slabs.

300 men were involved in the construction that involved six excavators, three cranes, five tippers, four hydra machines, and ten heavy jacks.

You can watch the video here: