Watch: When Chidambaram Who Slammed Demonetisation Queues Defended The Same For UPA’s NPR Exercise

Swarajya Staff

Dec 26, 2019, 11:00 AM | Updated 11:00 AM IST

P Chidambaram  (Prakash Singh/Getty Images)
P Chidambaram (Prakash Singh/Getty Images)

After the Narendra Modi led central government announced a National Population Register (NPR) updation exercise, various elements began criticising it by calling it the first step towards nationwide NRC, a claim which has been fact-checked here.

In light of such opposition, various social media pages have dug up old videos of NPR implementation during the Congress led UPA rule, wherein its leaders can be seen defending the practice.

One such video of P Chidambaram from back in 2012 has been shared by Political Keeda.

In the video Chidambaram can be heard saying that NPR is mandatory and should not be a problem for people as they gather every year for festivals, wedding and funerals.

“In villages people love to gather many times”, Chidambaram was quoted as saying.

Incidentally, this outlook changed for Chidambaram during the demonetisation period and rather than reiterating people’s love for gathering, he was seen criticising the queues as a “waste of productivity”.

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