‘We Are No Longer Army Of 1962’: Eastern Command Chief Reveals How China Was Countered During Doklam

Lieutenant General M M  Naravane (@adgpi/Twitter)

The Eastern Command chief of the Indian Army Lieutenant General M M Naravane on Tuesday (27 August) warned China against making inflammatory statements by reminding it that the Indian Army of 2019 is very different from the army of 1962, ANI has reported.

Lt Gen Naravane while speaking at a Bharat Chamber of Commerce event in Kolkata said that the Indian Army is ready to face any challenge and always sets long-term goals for itself.

When asked about the 1962 war with China, Naravane asserted that, “We are no longer the Army of 62. If China says don't repeat history, we have to also tell them the same thing”.


Naravane added that 1962 was not a military debacle but a political one and army units had fought well during the course of the war.

He also revealed that India had refused to back down during the Doklam crisis with China and had entered the grey zone twice for every transgression by China. He also added that China had acted as a “regional bully” during the standoff.

“If China transgressed the grey zone 100 times we did so 200 times. The Doklam standoff gave a clear signal that the Indian Armed forces are no pushovers”, said Naravane.

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