"We Are Not Going To Give An Inch Of Land," Yediyurappa Slams Uddhav Thackeray For Raking Up Border Issue

"We Are Not Going To Give An Inch Of Land," Yediyurappa Slams Uddhav Thackeray For Raking Up Border IssueMaharashtra CM Uddhav Thakeray and Karnataka CM B S Yediyurappa

After Maharashtra Chief Minister (CM) Uddhav Thackeray’s controversial remarks on Sunday (17 January) regarding incorporation of Marathi speaking areas of Karnataka into the state, CM of Karnataka BS Yediyurappa on Monday hit out at his counterpart for raking up the border issue between the two states, reports India Today.

Speaking to ANI on this matter, CM Yediyurappa said “It's unfortunate, I condemn the statement. We're not going to give even an inch of land from this side.”

“Maharashtra Chief Minister Shri Uddhav Thackeray's statement raking up border issues in the name of Marathi language & culture is unwarranted and goes against the federal structure of the nation. Mahajan Commission report on this matter is final,” CM Yediyurappa wrote on Twitter.

“Marathi people are living in harmony with Kannadigas in Karnataka. Likewise, Kannadigas living in the border districts of Maharashtra are living in harmony with the Marathi people there. I condemn Shri Thakeray’s comments which can disrupt the peace & harmony among people,” the Karnataka CM said in a statement.

While greeting people on 'martyrs' day' for those who laid down their lives for the cause of merging Karnataka's Belgaum with Maharashtra in 1956, CM Thackeray said that his government will incorporate areas of Karnataka where Marathi-speaking people are in majority into the state.

Belagavi in Karnataka has a sizable Marathi-speaking population and has been at the heart of a five-decade-old border row between Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Following the State Reorganisation Act of 1956, Belagavi was handed over to the Mysore state, which was renamed as Karnataka in 1973.

Due to objections, the Mahajan Commission was constituted in 1966 to resolve the issue. The Commission in its report in 1967 recommended the transfer of 264 villages into Maharashtra while Belgaum and 247 villages remain with Karnataka. While Maharashtra rejected it, Karnataka had welcomed the report.