‘You Bring Pistol I Will Take Care Of The Rest’; Haryana Judge Accused Of Exhorting Muslims To Shoot Hindu Adversaries

A Judge’s gavel. (Blogtrepreneur via Wikimedia Commons)

In a letter written to District Bar Association , Charkhi Dadri a group of lawyers alleged that the presiding judge Fakhruddin made comments inciting religious hatred and violence in the court on 20 August 2019 (Tuesday).

The lawyers allege that the hearing of State vs Parvinder was going on in which both complainant and the witnesses were from Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh, and belonged to Muslim faith. The case was registered under Section 365 (kidnapping and wrongful confinement), Section 379B (theft) of IPC.

After the witnesses turned hostile, the judge asked lawyers to fork up Rs 1,000 to each of the witnesses in the case.


The judge further called up the witnesses, using expletive against them, said that they were a blot on the Muslim community by coming to the court after getting beaten. The judge asked them why they didn’t shoot their adversaries, and asked them to bring a pistol when they come to the court next time.

Regarding Hindus, the judge said that they didn’t have any power in front of the Muslims. “You come with a pistol. I am here. I will take care of everything,” said the judge, the letter read.

The letter further states that the judge threatened that if the lawyers didn’t pay the money, he would start proceedings against them.

The lawyers who wrote the letter requested that their pending cases must be transferred as they have no hope of justice in the particular court.

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